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VisiClear Partial Dentures


Tetra Dynamics VisiClear.  Partial Dentures with Full Performance.

A flexible alternative for doctors seeking a higher performance partial denture.

With VisiClear Partial Dentures, you can count on lightweight framework and beautiful esthetics. The translucent, flexible framework of this appliance allows it to blend with surrounding tissue base and dentition. Made with flexible material and a 100% metal-free design, this product allows for improved patient satisfaction, comfort, and easy chairside adjustments. With patient health in mind, the biocompatible, nylon-free material for Tetra Dynamics VisiClear Partial Dentures is an ideal substitute for the traditional metal-based structure. VisiClear Partial Dentures provide the flexibility to treat a wide range of patients and variety of cases, providing an optimal restoration solution.

VisiClear at a glance:

  • Life-like Esthetics: material for VisiClear framework allows for esthetic clasps, anatomical carving options and a range of denture teeth.
  • Comfort and Fit: flexible and elastic, lightweight VisiClear conforms to soft tissue and undercuts.
  • Easy Chairside Adjustments: unlike other materials that require special kits, VisiClear partials can be adjusted with normal instruments and pumice.
  • Biocompatible and Stain Resistant: the nylon-free VisiClear material is more stain resistant and metal free.
  • Adaptable: future extractions? teeth can be added to a VisiClear partial!




For VisiClear literature, please click here.

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