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eMax: our new favorite

eMax has become the favorite of many of our best accounts.

Fixed fee implants

Our complete implant pricing removes the guesswork.

Lava, Zirconia Products

With our new on-site milling machine, you'll get the best faster!

Removables & Combos

Meeting your needs with quality and service.

Help is on the Way

Case Planning, Chairside Assistance: two ways we can help your practice.

Aesthetic Edge Studio

Tetra's in-house esthetic experts. Recreating nature's artistry.


  • Take a closer look at TetraTi ZirCap custom implant. Learn more about this great product from Tetra Dynamics as it is currently featured in Dental Products Report.


Just saw my patient for a one week follow up visit.  She is thrilled!!!

She is a very recent breast cancer survivor, and I cannot begin to tell you what a positive impact this cosmetic work has had on her.

Thank you so much!

Lawrence Lapa, DDS

Tetra Welcome Kit