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Tetra Dynamics Inc. is a full service dental laboratory dedicated to helping our customers satisfy patients since 1990.

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The Physiologic Approach to Treating Sleep Apnea, Nov 13-14 in NY

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Learn more about this informative 2-Day Session on our Events page!

Presenting TetraDynamics VisiClear Partial Dentures


VisiClear Partial Dentures With Full Performance!

With TetraDynamics VisiClear Partial Dentures you can count on lightweight framework and beautiful esthetics. Made with flexible material and a 100% metal-free design, VisiClear allows for improved patient satisfaction, comfort, and easy chairside adjustments.

To learn more about VisiClear Partial Dentures, please visit our product page.

Tetra Presents the Micr02 Sleep Device


Introducing the MicrO2 Sleep Device for the Treatment of Sleep apnea and Snoring.
The MicrO2 is the only sleep device that features a precision milling process using a controlled cured PMMA puck resulting in a more precise, compact and durable product.  The MicrO2 truly makes it easier for dentists to practice dental sleep medicine.

To learn more about the MicrO2 Sleep Device, visit our product page.

ZirCap Aesthetic

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ZirCap Aesthetic cannot be beat!  The experts at Tetra’s Aesthetic Edge Studio produce this fantastic Porcelain Fused to Zirconia (PFZ) restoration. The results? We believe ZirCap Aesthetic is the strongest, longest-lasting restoration available. The lingual and occluding area is comprised of monolithic zirconia creating a super strong surface (1000 MPa-plus).  And, ZirCap Aesthetic is not only strong; it is beautiful.  ZirCap Aesthetic is fabricated using zirconia-matched ceramics layered on the facial surface to beautifully match your patient’s specific shade requirements.
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