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ZirCap Full Contour Zirconia


Tetra Dynamics guarantees ZirCap Full Contour Zirconia for life! ZirCap is an excellent alternative for PFMs and perfect for posterior singles and bridges. Since its introduction in 2011, it continues to prove itself with our customers as a consistent fitting, strong and esthetic product with minimal returns for chips and breakages.

ZirCap’s esthetics are excellent—even better than BruxZir. The experts at Tetra Dynamics utilize a multicolor infusion process that significantly enhances the color matching capabilities. In addition to its superior strength and good esthetics, multiple clinical studies have shown full zirconia restorations, such as ZirCap, to be kinder to surrounding and opposing dentition than conventional PFM’s.

Because of the consistency of digital CAD/CAM, you get the same dimensional control on the contours, margins, contacts and occlusion. Once you have a digital design file that can be machined, you get extremely high accuracy. Tetra Dynamics’ expert technicians ensure our products are milled to precision, providing you with excellent fitting restoration for fast seating times.

Technical Specifications

  • Flexural strength – 1,200 MPa
  • Conventional cementation

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