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Zeus Zirconia; Our New Line up

A new line-up of Zirconia restorations offering beautiful esthetics, strength and value.

Our award-winning zirconia restorations just got better! We have upgraded the materials and processes even on our most basic zirconia restorations! We use only the best, scientifically tested materials from trusted companies like Ivoclar.

Zeus. Our new full contour Zeus Zirconia restorations still offer CAD/CAM precision and high strength, but are now more translucent and natural-looking than traditional zirconia.

Zeus Ultra. An exceedingly refined restoration that now combines CAD/CAM precision; high-strength and translucency; proprietary Micro Smile Library; and the artistic touch of our master ceramists.

To experience our all-new collection of natural looking, strong, and affordable Zirconia options, call 800.877.8271 to schedule your case.



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