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Tiered Restoration Schedule

Tetra Dynamics offers Three Tiers of Dental Restorations helping you to easily choose the services that are right for your individual patients.

Aesthetic Edge
Aesthetic Edge Studio brings you the highest level of function and esthetics. Aesthetic Edge Studio considers the complete smile and facial features for the finest results. This product line is typically the best choice for certain high-profile restorations.

Tetra Legacy
The Tetra Legacy line takes into account all aspects necessary to give you the consistent, quality results that Tetra is known for. Due to the use of cost-efficient systems we are able to keep costs in line with competitive laboratories. So, if your patient is sensitive to the highest costs of dental restorations, this may be the best solution.

Tetra Select
Tetra Select is perfect for patients who need an economical solution to restore function and can only afford to meet the basic needs. Our Quality Control standards are unchanged for Tetra Select so quality is assured and guaranteed. We do, however, offer more competitive pricing by considering alternative materials and production sources.