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Whole You Respire Sleep Appliances

Whole You Respire Sleep Appliances

Tetra Dynamics presents Whole You Respire Sleep Appliances.  Choose from a variety of styles to fit your patient’s specific needs.

To download a Product Map with more detailed recommendations for patient conditions, please click here.

Respire Appliance line at a glance:

Respire Blue EF+

  • Patients can easily open and close their mouth
  • Freedom in vertical movement and more space for the tongue to provide extra comfort

Respire Pink EF

  • Durable and extra comfort for patients with bruxism or larger tongues tongues

Respire Pink EF Micro

  • Compact
  • Provides extra tongue space for increased lateral movement

Respire Blue+

  • Easily adjusted
  • Freedom in vertical movement
  • Comfortable and effective

Respire Pink

  • Compact design for large jaw/strong bite
  • Suitable for patients with bruxism at night

Respire Pink Micro

  • Compact design
  • Suitable for people with smaller mouths

For a Tetra Dynamics Whole You Respire Prescription Form, click here.

Respire Blue+ and Respire Blue EF+ literature

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