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MicroDental Macstudio by TetraDynamics


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Macstudio, TetraDynamics/MicroDental’s Advanced Cosmetics, is inspired by a passion for life-changing dentistry. True to our heritage of artistry and innovation, MAC (Micro Advanced Cosmetics) has evolved to become Macstudio. Continuing to revolutionize cosmetic dentistry, as it has done for the past decade, Macstudio has added a full-service product line to its flagship product, MACVENEERS. The Macstudio experience emphasizes a unique, collaborative approach to smile design, inspired by dentists who aim to transform the lives of patients.

The MACSTUDIO Experience

  • Expert case planning and communication are paramount. Expect a dynamic partnership between you and the Macstudio team.
  • Led by Master Technicians, Macstudio can be used to tailor unique smiles in all occlusal preferences.
  • Macstudio technicians are fluent in all major restorative materials, techniques and technologies.

MACSTUDIO Technical Features

  • Realistic characterization is created by porcelain harmonization, internal staining, and other advanced techniques.
  • Natural intrinsic beauty is achieved by anticipating light transmission and reflection, as well as applying the cutback technique.
  • Personalized anatomy is accomplished by artful layering and texturing.


  • Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Inlays/Onlays
  • Implants
  • Removables
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