Tetra Dynamics, 620 6th Street, West Babylon, NY
1-800-877-8271 info@TetraDynamics.com


Send Tetra Dynamics Your Digital Impressions

We accept digital impressions in the form of an STL file from most major intraoral scanners.

If you would like to email us your STL file directly, please send to:    godigital@tetradynamics.com

For customers using an iTero Scanner:
Call iTero at 1-800-577-8767
Select Option 1 and then select Option 1 again
Request that Tetra Dynamics Dental Laboratory is added (please provide them with our code:  212)
After iTero has connected our lab to your scanner, you will need to select Tetra Dynamics in the “Restorative”, “Send to the Lab” section

For customers using a Trios, 3-Shape Scanner:
 Go to us.3shapecommunicate.com in a web browser
– Connect with Mitch Dental Laboratory by searching [email]
– After connecting to us as a Lab, select Mitch Dental Laboratory when sending files

For customers using a Carestream Scanner:
– Visit Carestream Connect on your scanner
– Search for Tetra Dynamics Dental Laboratory
– Add Tetra Dynamics Dental Laboratory
– Select Tetra Dynamics Dental Laboratory when submitting scans raw STL files
– Email Tetra Dynamics at godigital@tetradynamics.com

For customers using a 3M Scanner:
– Call 1-800-634-2249, Select Option 3 in call menu
– Then select option 1 in call menu
– Ask the representative to add Tetra Dynamics Dental Laboratory to your user list.
– Scanner will probably need to be re-booted in order to display Tetra Dynamics in user list.