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Armor EZFit Nightguard

The Armor EZFit offers you and your patients an easy, cost-effective bruxism solution as well as a great way to protect their fixed restorative work. The Armor EZFit Nightguard reduces post-operative chairtime, provides greater comfort, resistance to slipping and is extremely durable. Adding the Armor EZFit to your product mix is a simple way to increase profitability and preserve your patients’ smiles! Advantages for the dentist:

  • Self-adjusting:  Superb accuracy offers the closest fit.
  • Better fit reduces post operative chair time.
  • Dimensional stability means fewer, if any, adjustments which are done conventionally
  • Ramps and guide planes can be added to reposition the mandible.
  • Chairside repairs can be made with cold cure acrylics.

Advantages for patients:

  • Optical clarity, making it nearly invisible while wearing.
  • Material is stronger with greater stability; ideal for bruxism patients.
  • Amine-free; will never yellow.
  • MMA*-free to eliminate allergy problems.
  • Self-adjusting when placed in warm water before wearing.
  • Wearability and patient comfort are rated excellent.

MMA = methyl methacrylate.

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