Tetra Dynamics, 620 6th Street, West Babylon, NY
1-800-877-8271 info@TetraDynamics.com


Tetra Dynamics’ specialized capabilities for complex cast partial and combination cases are requested by top prosthodontists and leading university hospitals throughout the U.S. and the world. Tetra Dynamics is one of the few remaining laboratories  that performs this work and specializes in the various types of attachments on the market.

Our Cast Partial and Frame Department produces work that is extremely labor intensive. Our technician’s meticulous attention-to-detail, utilizing the principles of physics, ensures each and every piece exhibits optimum fit and function, with the least amount of torque possible in order to preserve your patients remaining teeth.

Tetra’s Cast Partial Frame Department will strive to add artistry to the science and function of dentistry for many years to come.

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