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Aesthetic Edge Studio


Restorations produced in our Aesthetic Edge Studio truly imitate nature’s work. The process is streamlined and the outcomes are very predictable due to the detailed, personal consultations with the doctor and the patient. The Aesthetic Edge Studio has built an extensive network of clients who rely on the studio’s extra attention to detail in order to produce the most aesthetic restorations in each and every case they submit.

The Aesthetic Edge process begins with an in-depth consultation between the dental technician, dentist, and patient. From there, the team prepares a diagnostic wax-up to help the doctor and patient to accurately visualize the end-result. Then, they create a matrix model to assist the doctor in deciding how and where to reduce or add measurements for the most predictable outcome.

Aesthetic Edge Studio’s experience, and attention to detail, truly makes their cases stand out because of the extremely natural appearance of the restoration. Dr. Mark Heller, located in Great Neck, New York is a regular client: “I have been very impressed by the excellent quality and look of the restorations produced by the Aesthetic Edge team. And, my patients have been extremely satisfied with the results.” Aesthetic Edge is the perfect solution for doctors who are striving for the best possible outcome for their most discerning patients.

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